"to promote creativity, expression, and authenticity in young artists through music and movement."

Broken City Percussion, Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit corporation
and is not organized for the private gain of any person.


● FEB 05 - PREMIERE: Temescal Canyon HS
● FEB 11 - SCPA: La Quinta HS (OC)
● FEB 12 - WORKSHOP 2.0: Temescal Canyon HS
○ MAR 04 - SCPA: Monrovia HS
○ MAR 12 - SCPA: Great Oak HS
○ MAR 25 - WGI Regional Prelims: TBA
○ MAR 26 - WGI Regional Finals: TBA
○ APR 08 - SCPA Prelims: Felix Event Center
○ APR 15 - SCPA Finals: Toyota Arena
○ APR 20 - WGI Prelims: Dayton, OH
○ APR 21 - WGI Semis:  Dayton, OH
○ APR 22 - WGI Finals: Dayton, OH


Contact: admin@brokencitypercussion.com
Audition Packets will be available every year on July 4th - Independence Day
Annual WORKSHOPS are held in mid-July and mid-February — WORKSHOP 2.0 will be on Sunday, Feb 12th, 2023 at Temescal Canyon HS
— You may bring your own instrument
— Learn excerpt of the 2023 production and play with the ensemble
— Merchandise Booth will be on site
— Registration link will be available in the fall of 2022
AUDITIONS are held in mid-September — For the 2024 season: Sat-Sun Sept 16-17, 2023
— Required in-person attendance for North American prospects
— Eligible if "not over 22 years of age as of 12:01 AM on April 1, 2024" - per WGI rule book
— Outside North America: Do not attend auditions. Submit a video by September 1st, 2023
— Do not bring your own instrument
— If you have a unique skillset or instrument, submit a video by September 1st, 2022
— Wind players always welcome to transform into Cymbal ninjas
— If contracted: A deposit is due on the final day of Auditions
— Merchandise Booth will be on site
Sub-sectionals begin in October
Full ensemble rehearsal routine is every Saturday & Sunday from Thanksgiving to mid-April
Annual PREMIERE is held on the first Sunday of February — 2023 PREMIERE will be on Sunday, February 5th at Temescal Canyon HS
— Merchandise Booth will be on site
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Mike Jackson   Kevin Shah
Adam Watts   Phil Idell
Malani Bydalek   Jenny Smith
Andrew McAfee   Roger Carter
Tyler Doan   Zach Borromeo
Jared Baltazar   Veronica Wicks
Suvin Varghese   Jonathan Wicks
Matt Gonzalez   Steven Herman
CJ Johnson Jen Swanek
Joey Damian   James Gow
Anthony Clark   Vanessa Vendiola
Laura Gasper



Carrey Brown



Gina Jones



Jason Jones



Mike Jackson - President
Kevin Shah - Vice President/Treasurer
Jen Swanek - Secretary
Genevieve Geisler
Veronica Wicks
Roger Carter
Matt Gonzalez
Phil Idell


Alumni Association information coming soon

2022 WGI Bronze Medalist
SCPA Silver Medalist

2020 incomplete

2019 WGI Gold Medalist
SCPA Gold Medalist

2018 WGI Bronze Medalist
SCPA Bronze Medalist

2017 WGI Silver Medalist
SCPA Gold Medalist

2016 WGI Bronze Medalist
SCPA Bronze Medalist